Camden approaches!

I had so much fun doing Camden last year with the non-Brontës, this year I’ve gone totally snooker loopy and decided to do not one but TWO shows, by strong arming some of the Future Perfect gang into joining the fun.

Future Perfect are going to reprise our spring show The Family Plot over two evenings (Aug 5th & 6th) It’ll be a slimmed down version of the show as we have an hour slot, and we’re currently playing about with material and performers to see what works best.

Not The Brontës have a brand new show – Truly, Madly, Keighley – that is coming along nicely. We have some cracking new songs, bundles of new material (my editing knife is sharpened) and an honest-to-goodness sketch which I am really looking forward to performing. Admittedly one of our troupe missed the North so much she’s actually moved back, but we’re not going to let this stop us!

For details of the shows and how to buy tickets, check out the Future Gigs section.